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Kumaon Turmeric Powder

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The mystic Himalayas are nurturing and sustaining. Its Deodar crested slopes are dotted with hamlets with a patch of turmeric sprouting in every backyard. White Mountain Collectives brings to you the purest and most fragrant, hand-picked Himalayan Turmeric sown and grown by the farmers of Kumaon.

Seed Variety: Suvarna

Curcumin Percentage: 3.49%

Oleoresin Oil: 4.75%

Village: Chafi, Kotabagh

District: Nainital

Vintage: 2020

Tasting notes on the nose: Pungent

Tasting notes on the palate: Spicy. Warming.

Intensity: Medium

Coloration:  Marigold Yellow


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