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Lakadong Turmeric Refill Pouch

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Deep in the hills of North Eastern India lies buried the treasured root-spice Haldi so valued by tribal folk wisdom. This pure organic high altitude turmeric from the land of the seven sisters is rich in curcumin and minerals. White Mountain Collectives  brings to your home the golden goodness of the Jainta hills, cultivated with love and care.

The Design

Inspired by the rich ecology, vibrant culture, and traditional handicrafts of the place of its origin, this art story on a reusable Tin showcases our mascot lady as an embodiment of all of these elements. Motifs symbolising the local Khneng embroidery can also be seen adorning the borders along with a hint of the mountain topography in the background. Valued deeply in the tribal-wisdom of North Eastern India, this ancient spice is brought with immense love to your homes.


Region: Lakadong, Meghalaya

Climate: Tropical Monsoon Climate

Seed Variety: Lakadong

Curcumin Percentage: 7.52%

Oleoresin Oil: 3.41%

Tasting notes on the nose: Pungent

Tasting notes on the palate: Zingy

Intensity: Strong

Coloration:  Deep Golden Red 

Village:  Barato

District:  Jaintia Hills

Vintage::  2020

Our tin packaging is 100 % plastic free. | Eco-refills create a chain of sustainable practise


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