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Cacao Tea & Mug Gift Box

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This box has USDA certified Organic Cacao Tea and our handcrafted mug with strainer.  The idea of the mug and strainer came to our Co Founder Anmol after he felt a need to have the right mug for their hot chocolate beverages. And he was in love with what Anumita from the Clay Story had done with clay. The forms and the finish, were artisitic and beautiful. Another aspect was to ensure that no printing is done on mugs but figures are hand-drawn and then fired in the kiln. The colours were to be muted and the handling easy with a easy to use handle. It took us many iterations to get the mug right.

Then came our cacao tea venture, and we thought, why not add a beautiful strainer. We looked at some of the best bone-china and other porcelean from across the world to finally zero in on a beautiful strainer with the right holes in em. Anumita, is a magician. She perfected the geometry of the strainer, and voila, we had it!

This mug is special. It took us 6 months from inception to creation. It's crafted as a Swiss watch would be, with care and precision, and all the beauty that no machine can create. The crackles on its skin might occur naturally during the glazing process and are unique to each piece. We hope you cherish the mug. Just like art, there is no other mug like the one you have.

Packed by the women of Kumaon in a Christmas green re-usable box, it's portable and delightful. This is a special edition box.

Please note that every piece is handcrafted and will have slight variations in sizes, shapes and finishes. All irregularities and flaws are considered a celebration of handcrafted