We are Spice Sommeliers. Turmeric, “Haldi” is our flagship spice. WMC is a bond to deepen our love and engagement with spices, the magic they create in our lives each day as we eat them, sip them, inhale them or apply them on our skin.

We sear through the heart of spices, how they come to life and what transforms within once they are consumed. We want to understand this natural world, its creation and its healing powers.

We have unearthed spices from the mystic mountain ranges of India - the Himalayas, the Patkai Hills of the North East as well as the Western and Eastern Ghats. White Mountain Collectives brings to you the purest and most fragrant, hand-picked spices. Our spices are extensively researched for soil, topography and climate synergy through our plantation and farmer visits. We take care in deep diving into each variety for its distinct colour, flavour, fragrance and nourishing attributes of this versatile spice. Spices are adaptogens, have compounds and oils which aid flavours in our foods, prevent diseases and soothe the mind with their aromas. 

Our journey at White Mountain Collectives is an ongoing one. We are constantly striving to understand this living world which gives us bounties of natural resources, nourishing us in its cradle. And our beverages reflect that bounty of nature in their rich aroma and intense flavours on the palate.

Experience the magic we create with our spices and transform your day.

Trust the spices!


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