The Art of White Mountain

We are incredibly obsessed about the design of our products. From food design, where we have focused on ensuring you get the best taste and quality quality ingredients to product design - ensuring the tin, the box, the fitment, the art and the unboxing, we have put ourselves on to a Himalayan task of thinking through the art and design of our packaging.

With a rich cultural and traditional significance in Kumaon, the White Mountain Collectives tins and boxes have been designed keeping the intricate and geometric Aipan art style as our guiding light. The word Aipan is derived from the Sanskrit word Aipan (ऐपण) that means a devoted offering. 

Historically, Kumaoni Aipan has had a unique identity adorning empty house walls as a symbol of fortune and fertility. Bearing an art legacy, this tradition has been followed mostly by the female folk, lovingly passing it down to their generations of women. It is for the same reason, that all our designs exhibit an illustrated mascot lady as the harbinger of nature’s untouched goodness, positivity and prosperity.


We have a woman farmer holding her produce in one hand and grinding it with the other, as our mascot. The mascot, crafted in the local Aipan art form, is for us, symbolic of the proud and fierce modern Indian woman farmer.

Himalayan Vanilla Frappe

We have boxed the White Mountain sachets in local Kumaoni Aipan art form. The art depicts the snow capped Himalayas and winding forest roads. One can see two friends who have stopped to have the Himalayan Vanilla Frappe, whilst enjoying the local environs. You can also see a 3 dimensional image of a woman - also our mascot - looking out and ready to serve you yummy Vanilla Frappes. On the side panel, you can see a local house with its slanted roofs as a farmer brings some of his produce on his bicycle and peers into the distance


The Himalayas are a magical place. They give birth, raise and nurture the purest form of Turmeric we have ever seen. Bearing a terracotta colour palette symbolic of mountain pottery, this design tells a tale of a bustling mountain-café. With prayer flags blowing in the wind, our mascot lady is seen serving this absolutely appetizing iced-coffee drink to the cafe visitors. In the background you see a woman farmer tending to her farm. On the side panel of the box, you see a woman dressed in a local attire with the iced coffee in her hand whilst a boy with a backpack walks with a spring in his step in the beautiful mountain paths.

Hot Chocolate

The moment one thinks of a cup of Hot Chocolate, one is reminded of warmth. With the intent of portraying this very experience, this design on a reusable Tin showcases a mountain-side campsite with travelers, explorers and nature lovers enjoying delicious turmeric-infused hot chocolate, served to them with love by our mascot lady.

Kumaon Turmeric Powder

Depicted against the beautiful valleys of Kumaon, this art story brings to life the magic of the traditional golden spice - Turmeric. From sowing single-origin turmeric to grinding it and finally harvesting it in the beautiful mountain sun. You can also see the pretty birds travelling across the mountains and soaking in the heavenly atmosphere.

Lakadong Turmeric Powder

Inspired by the rich ecology, vibrant culture, and traditional handicrafts of the place of its origin, this art story on a reusable Tin showcases our mascot lady as an embodiment of all of these elements. One can see the women mountain farmers adorned with the local bindi on their foreheads with the produce in their hand against the backdrop of the beautiful hills and local thatched roof homes of the Meghalayan countryside. Motifs symbolising the local Khneng embroidery can also be seen adorning the borders of our tin. Valued deeply in the tribal-wisdom of North Eastern India, this ancient spice is brought with immense love to your homes.