About Janhavi

Janhavi Prasada was born in Delhi, and raised in the Kumaon hills of Nainital and the Terai plains of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She is the Festival Director for HImalayan Echoes:Kumaon Festival of Literature & Arts, a published author on MK Gandhi and dabbles with a bit of outsider art and dedicates her time to the conservation and promotion of literature, music, local textiles, local foods, heritage monuments, environment and wellness in Uttarakhand.

She also works as a peace activist in the field of technology. She is the co-founder of White Mountain Collectives that was born out of the Himalayan region that is close to her heart. From her writings on Gandhi and Kumaon to her penchant for discovery through walking in the mountains Janhavi divides her time between the city life and the life at Abbotsford – her heritage homestay in Nainital. She has been a speaker at the world's largest literature festival in Jaipur and other young leader forums. A former journalist she began her career with the Pioneer newspaper, then on to electronic, new media with ANI/Reuters, BBC, HTV Wales. She now has her own media company Srijan Media pvt Ltd with a portfolio of 16 years experience. An alumnus of Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer, to graduation from St Stephen's College, Delhi, Janhavi did her post graduation in Broadcasting from the Cardiff School of Journalism,UK.