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Dark Hot Chocolate Kashmir Chilli

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Ingredients: Cocoa Solids (99%), Red Chilli Powder

Weight: 100 g

They say chocolate was discovered in the Americas. The Spanish were the firsr to discover this love for Cacao in Mexico and other parts of South America. The Mayans and the Aztecs were in love with Cacao. The Spanish found out that they make a drink with cacao and spices. The Spanish called it xocōlātl. This drink was made with Cacao and Chilli. 

We wanted to recreate the original drink with our Single Origin Chillies from our Kashmiri farmers. We have worked on this for months, perfecting it till we felt it was  luxury drink to be savoured in your homes. Rich in anti-oxidants, dairy free, preservative free & additive free, it’s the perfect detox drink.

Packaged by the women of Kumaon in small artisanal batches, we hope you like it. We would love your feedback.