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Organic Cacao Tea

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Ingredients: Cacao (100%)

Weight: 100 g

Cacao. Prounouced ka.kau comes from the Mayan word Kakaw. Believed to have originated in South America, and used an offering in healing rituals, Cacao grows on trees as pods. 

This one comes from India’s first Organic Cacao Plantation, an heirloom where skilled artisans of Cacao create magic. 

Cacao nibs are the rawest and the most nutritious antioxidant rich form of what we call chocolate before it is processed into sweet chocolate. And when you flush a loaded spoonful of Cacao nibs with piping hot water - you get India’s first USDA Certified ORGANIC CACAO TEA. 

Watch the colour of tea change into a golden sunset. The nibs become soft and chewy to release potent natural oils which is actually the precious cacao butter that makes chocolate soft & silky on your palate. And lastly inhale the aroma of this chocolate tea, it might just take you back to the Mayan civilisation.